The Medlyn Angus Stud was established in 1984. Large Australian Angus females and selected American A.I. sires formed the nucleus of the stud.

The sub-tropical coastal area of the NSW north coast is an unlikely location for a high performing Angus stud but Medlyn Angus cattle have proven themselves in all facets of the industry, resulting in our bulls being highly sought after.

Angus buyers know they can buy from a proven stud. Medlyn Angus have an enviable record in show judging at all levels.


We at Medlyn are strong supporters of agricultural shows. As well as being a successful competitor at NSW shows, including the North Coast show in Lismore, we show cattle each year at Brisbane’s Royal National.

In 1997, a young bull, Medlyn Richmond, won the Junior and Grand Champion categories. Medlyn Richmond beat another Medlyn bull for the Grand Champion ribbon!

We believe that by exhibiting our cattle, prospective buyers and consumers can see how Medlyn Angus compares against other Angus cattle.


Stud founders, John and Ellen Gibson are joined by their son Rodney in managing the stud. Together we have a commitment to breed better Angus cattle. To help provide guarantees to our clients, our stud is Johne’s free.

Rodney has been an achiever in the industry, having been awarded the coveted University of Illinois Angus Scholarship. He has competed at several large events in the US.

Both females and males are important. When selecting sires, the performance details of both are considered carefully.

  • MN3 herd
  • Pestivirus tested free & blooded – all sale animals
  • Vaccinated with 7 in 1
  • Raised under commercial conditions on the coast, dryland farming & cropping with high humidity & high stocking rates
  • Docile
  • Pedigree traceability—2015 heaviest (350kg) weaners at 8 months (both male & female) can be traced back to the same foundation cow
  • When selecting a stud sire the following EBV’s are considered
    • Height of bull (60”) to ensure growth to serve the european x bos indicus females
    • Birth weight for calving ease
    • High positive ebv’s for both eye muscle area & retail beef yield are important for resulting increased profitabitity
  • Aim is to produce an animal that will meet the customer’s criteria for any market ie 200day, 400day, 600day turnoff
  • We have been submitting performance figures on our herd since 1984
  • Established with females from Don Moyle at The Basin at Keith SA, the temperament, structural  correctness & fertility of these females is still apparent within our herd
  • Females within our herd produce even lines of progeny
  • Successes include several wins at the EKKA, including clients winning in carcass classes
Medlyn Angus featured by Mcdonald’s Japan

Back in 2008, McDonald’s Japan in association with Meat & Livestock Australia chose Medlyn Angus to feature in promotional material. Our picturesque surroundings at South Gundurimba and our beautiful Angus were perfect to help educate McDonald’s customers about their dedication to using 100% pure Australian Angus. Great acting Rodney!

Watch the video’s below!